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I thought it was odd that you could not find Parrot Place when you lived only a few blocks away. :)
However, I never saw (or remember seeing) Jackson Court off 101 street, and I only lived a few blocks from there. It must not have been on my route, but I must have been to the park across the street a million times??. After I read your reply I looked it up on Google Maps and there it is?
I did love Bay Ridge, other than school and the paper route, I spent most of my life in Shore Road, playing handball, baseball, football, sleighriding, crabbing in the Narrows, and sneaking into Fort Hamilton Army Base. I saw the Verazzano Bridge go up. and the SI ferry ($.05 a ride) go under.
My best to you and your family,

My wife lived on Parrot Place, a few houses off 88th street. We married in 1962 at St. Pats. and have 5 children and 2 grandchildren with a 3rd coming this summer. We live in Long Island in the same home we bought 50 years ago.

I also had a Brooklyn Eagle route, probably at age 12 (1953 ?) with also about 100 papers. On Sunday the paper was as big as the Sunday NY Times today. I would have to return to the pickup area (93 st and 3rd Ave) at least 4 times to re-fill my bike. My route was 99th to Shore Rd, from 3rd Ave to Fort Hamilton Parkway.  Loved the job!

Most lived between 100th st and 90th st , went to PS104 or St. Pat's. and would be about my age, 72. I lived on 99th st near 4th ave, went to 104 then to Brooklyn Tech. I had 2 brothers, Ed (Chuck) now 75, Tom, died ~ 26 years ago, would be 69 now. A few names, Tom McMennam (sp?), last heard he was a motorcycle cop out of Flatbush Ave, lived on Marine Ave, near 3rd.
John Swanson, also Marine Ave, near Fort Hamilton Pky. Carol Ritter, also Marine Ave, big apt house on 4th ave. Bill Calhoun, 99th st, next door to me, heard he was a NYPD Capt. in Staten Island. Many more, but I will start here.
Dennis Costello

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