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General Discussion / Re: What to do with wild kittens in yard
« Last post by JudyR on May 28, 2014, 05:22:56 PM »
I would try the NYC Feral Cat Initative here is there website:
If they cannot take the kittens they will at least be able to help with more information.
Also try some vets in the neighborhood I would recommend Brooklyn Vet Group on 5th Ave and One Love on 3rd Ave They are both very friendly places and would probably know what to do with the kittens. Best of luck!
General Discussion / What to do with wild kittens in yard
« Last post by bre on May 27, 2014, 10:27:07 AM »
I have a bunch of kittens in my backyeard about 2 months old I guess. I wanted to catch them an give them to a shelter for adoption. I called Muffins, but they were no help at all. Their answer was to do a search on kittens and shelters. I thought it was such a great organization.

Then I called 311. They said if the mother seems to be taking care of them, they can't do anything. So I said the mother wasn't and then they finally gave me a place to bring them. They also said if could catch the mother to bring it along with kittens.

Anyway, there are 3 black and grey striped ones and 2 black ones. Anyone want t free kitten or kittens? Use Contact link above and let me know.
General Discussion / Found Cat
« Last post by Olivia K on May 21, 2014, 11:06:58 AM »
I found a lovely little male cat yesterday.  He's black, semi-long haired, very silky. His eyes are yellow.  He's super sweet and friendly and pretty young still, perhaps a year old.

I found him yesterday on 5th Avenue and 77th Street.  He obviously got out and then regretted his decision to go wandering, he was petrified of the sounds in the street.

Is he yours? If you have information about this cat please contact us using Contact link at top of page.

Friends and good times / Someone must know some of my teen friends 1952-58
« Last post by denman on April 06, 2014, 10:00:56 PM »
Most lived between 100th st and 90th st , went to PS104 or St. Pat's. and would be about my age, 72. I lived on 99th st near 4th ave, went to 104 then to Brooklyn Tech. I had 2 brothers, Ed (Chuck) now 75, Tom, died ~ 26 years ago, would be 69 now. A few names, Tom McMennam (sp?), last heard he was a motorcycle cop out of Flatbush Ave, lived on Marine Ave, near 3rd.
John Swanson, also Marine Ave, near Fort Hamilton Pky. Carol Ritter, also Marine Ave, big apt house on 4th ave. Bill Calhoun, 99th st, next door to me, heard he was a NYPD Capt. in Staten Island. Many more, but I will start here.
Dennis Costello
Friends and good times / Guestbook
« Last post by bre on April 02, 2014, 02:55:31 PM »
For those of you who might not know it, we have a great Guestbook on

It has over 4000 entries and goes back over 15 years. It's one thing I never lost when changing servers or bulletin boards.

It has a nice search feature that lets you search by almost anything; first or last name, nicknames, schools, businesses and stores, streets, etc. Check it out by clicking on link below. It will open a new browser window and this one will still be open underneath. Just close Guestbook when you're done and you'll be right back here.

You might be surprised at some of the people you'll find there.

General Discussion / New board
« Last post by bre on April 02, 2014, 02:39:30 PM »
Hi. I had to get rid of old board because of too many problems with it. This one looks a lot easier to maintain and use. I'll try to get member userids over to this board, but it wold be easier for you to just register again. My apologies.

You can post any problems here for now. Thanks, Bre.
Announcements / Read if you registered already on old board.
« Last post by bre on April 02, 2014, 09:14:10 AM »
I had to get rid of old board because it was causing too many problems. I am trying to get members over to this board. If you want to re-register here, do so or you can wait until I figure out how to move members and posts here.

Best choice is to re-register again. It's simple and not as difficult as old board was.

If you have questions, you can post here or send me a message through My Messages. Link is above in menu.

Don't put any passwords here, everyone can see them.
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